McCoy's Decorating 

McCoy's Decorating provides many services. With our shop facility in Bracebridge, we are able to provide pre-finishing of siding, soffit, windows, doors, cabinets. We can also finish all interior trim, ceiling and wall board prior to install, saving you money by not having to do it all off a ladder. Our shop is equipped with a forklift to load and unload all materials from the truck, at our shop, and speed up delivery time for the clients. kitchen cabinet refinishing is another large part of our business, where a simple fresh coat of paint can transform an old kitchen to a new one in very little time, and with a factory finish spray. Interior and Exterior work is a large part of our business, from residential to commercial, we do it all.

We have worked very closely with many interior designers here in Muskoka and from the city. If you have someone in mind, we can work very closely with them to achieve your final look.

We use the highest quality paints from Benjamin Moore, Para, Sansin, Saman, TimberPro, Sikkens, and this is just a few.

We provide

-Exterior painting.

-Interior finishing and painting.

-Wood staining and custom matching.

-Urethane finishes.

-In shop finishing.

-Pressure washing.

-Wood floor finishing.

-Gutter cleaning when onsite.

-Quality workmanship.